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Unless you treat the source of the pain, of course, it’s going to keep coming back. A massage might loosen the muscles and release the trigger points, but if you leave the massage table and adopt the poor posture and bad ergonomics that brought the problem on in the first place, then yes, it’s going to come right back. If your engine is leaking oil, you can hardly expect that adding more is going to fix the problem permanently. You need to find out where the leak is happening and fix it. Depending on what exactly is going on, it might be a case of needing ongoing maintenance. If it’s a structural deformity like scoliosis, flat feet, or knocked knees that are the source of the problem, as an adult, these things will probably not go totally away and will need to be managed regularly. But if it’s a case of using your body poorly bending over to lift heavy objects, using poor posture, holding a phone with your shoulder, etc., then you can change your habits and help the problem dramatically. Even fixable problems are going to take the time to undo. You can’t expect lasting results from one or two sessions. You didn’t do this to yourself in 2-3 days, it’s not going to go away in that length of time, either.  -Bill

Gini tells us why she first came to see Dr. Litang-Canon. “I had numbness and tingling in my fingers mainly in my right hand when brushing teeth, applying makeup, and KNITTING!! Oh! No!” She had been dealing with this problem for about 3 weeks prior to seeing us. She says that she has almost complete relief from the numbness, less frequent occurrences, and when she does get the numbness and tingling it is not as severe. Has Chiropractic helped her? “Definitely!! I have better sleep now as sometimes the numbness would wake me during the night. My hobby of knitting is now more enjoyable with only minor occurrences of the numbness.”

Jean first came in to see if Dr. Litang-Canon would be able to assist her with her problem of sciatica. She had been dealing with this problem off and on for over twenty years. After following Dr.’s treatment plan, Jean got progressively better. She has seen great results from Chiropractic care, she relates that she has fewer aches and pains and can move more freely.